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Last Update: 2/15/2019
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DMF ID: SC:21.0
Area Name: Cotuit Bay
Cotuit Bay
Shellfish maps displayed on this web site are to illustrate written geographical definitions of shellfish areas, as defined by the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and the Town of Barnstable Natural Resources Office. In the field, signposts, buoys and landmarks are used to assist in the demarcation of written geographical definitions of shellfish areas. Check with the Natural Resources Office to verify shellfish area locations. Open shellfish areas can close without notice due to acts of man or nature, always check site postings before harvesting. The harvest of shellfish is prohibited in those areas posted by the Natural Resources Office, regardless of the fact that weather or man may from time to time remove signage. If an area has been posted and signage is missing, notify the Natural Resources Office.
The Ways to Water shown on this map were researched by the Town of Barnstable Growth Management Department. This is just a partial list. Additional access areas will be added as research is completed. Last revised on March 24, 2010. "Ways to water" is a term used generically to include public access rights that have been acquired by the town by a variety of means.
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